Our Buildings

Advantages of an MPA Building:

  • MPA units are designed specifically for use as banking or similar high-security facilities.
  • The units are available for quick delivery.
  • MPA buildings offer quality, security and a look of permanence not found in a "Bank Trailer."
  • Pre-determined leasing fees allow early budget planning.
  • MPA Systems, in business since 1962, offers unsurpassed expertise.
  • In addition to the regular leasing operation, MPA Systems will build, deliver and set modular units of regular or special design.
There are strong arguments against the alternative of modifying an existing building at an indeterminate cost, or using a  commercial trailer offered by  companies unfamiliar with the special requirements of a financial facility. Our units have been tested by bankers and a long list of references is available.

MP Systems,  LLC can also assist you with a custom design/size for applications other than financial institutions (i.e., office buildings, ticket booths, offices for schools, fairs, festivals, cities, utility companies, real-estate offices, etc.). For quotes or more information, please feel free to contact us at (888) 233-1584.