Career Opportunities

What would happen if employees were treated more like customers?

A service organization is only as good as its people. You've heard it said before, but have you ever seen it put into practice? At MPA Systems, we recognize the value of employee customer relationships. We want customers to feel they're getting honest answers, sound advice and value from our services. Our approach is personal.

Highly-trained and professional employees are the driving force behind MPA Systems. They are our first line of support for customers, so we train them in the industry as a whole, not just one aspect of it. Doing so ensures they have the knowledge to be the single-source provider customers seek.

Our management style also goes above what's routine in the industry. Service is our signature. We solicit feedback and take action. What our employees tell us counts; so we invite input and respond to it in a timely, proactive manner. It's this atmosphere of mutual respect and commitment that differentiates us from the rest. You'll hear it in every phone call and with every visit. We do things for the people, not by the book. It's the way you would do them if you ran the company, which, to us, you do.

MPA is a BOXX Modular Company.