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Leasing/Sales Program

MPA's leasing program provides modular, transportable, high-security buildings to financial institutions and other office/service organizations throughout the United States. Our modular buildings sit flush on all-weather surfaces, can be relocated to another site in the future, are constructed of high quality materials, and have a look of permanence. These buildings are used by financial institutions in a variety of ways. New charters operate in our buildings to provide a secure and pleasant facility for their customers while planning for a permanent facility. Many institutions have been able to open a branch quickly in an MPA building, allowing them to test an area without a large capital outlay, while others have used MPA buildings as permanent quarters. MPA units have also housed an institution's staff during remodeling projects. MPA has provided buildings to hundreds of newly chartered banks since its inception.

MPA's modular buildings are used by businesses other than financial institutions that need the use of a secure drive-up or walk-up window, night depository and safe, and teller line with under counter steel pedestals for short- or long-term rentals. The buildings provide a high security environment and are attractive and functional, yet portable and very affordable, with a quick setup and tear down time.

The smaller buildings are used as ticket booths by fairs and festivals as well as schools at sporting events. They provide a highly secure, air-conditioned and heated environment for staff to work in..

Cities, water districts and utility companies use the buildings as satellite or branch offices for their customers to use in paying bills or as cashier booths in more convenient locations.

Disaster Recovery Facilities Program

MPA's disaster recovery program was established in 1989 to help financial institutions with a quick recovery in a disaster situation. The program guarantees members a 14' x 70' modular building equipped with furniture, teller counter with under counter steel pedestals for each teller, drive-up window, night depository and safe, camera and alarm system, telephone, computer wiring, lobby area, work area, enclosed offices, ADA-compliant restrooms and an air conditioner/heating unit among many other features free of charge for six months. There is no transportation, placement/tie down charges, removal fees, etc., and there are no rental charges from MPA during the first six months. We also offer as an option our Connectivity Package which includes all the necessary equipment and connection capabilities to access the internet, and connect to your core processor.

Portable Generators

Preparation is key. For a small annual fee, your organization can be guaranteed availability, immediate response within 24 to 72 hours and FREE use of a portable 40 KW generator with the modular building. MPA personnel deliver the unit to your site and remove it after normal power has been restored to the facility.